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Patch Component Protection MIB2 Discover Media VW Seat Skoda

Patch work only if CP is not active ! ! ! !

If you want to retrofit radio like MIB1 , MIB2 , MiB STD2 PQ made by TechniSat or Preh brand ,
you must keep in mind that all units are protected with “component protection”.''CP''
Patch work with new radio as well (MiB2) but in some software requires can filter. Call me for more info.

It allows to use unit in car where it was installed initially only.
Unit is assigned to the vehicle VIN number by the dealer and can't be installed in other car any more by the
end user.

Unit installed in different car will be locked by “component protection”
Some cars block unit instantly , older cars allowed use radio few hours than active CP. MAX 8-hours

Patch resets the 8-hour timer and prevents Component Protection from appearing on MIB Std2 Discover Media and Composition Media units.

If you bought already locked unit, to unlock it you must visit dealer, (or call me)
but keep in mind that unit can be unlocked by dealer if it's not “blacklisted” in database.
After it unlocked, install this patch to avoid further locking.

Patch come with full manual installation with illustrations and video

Very easy to install :) if you not feel good with soldering i can install for extra 40e

1. Disassemble unit and remove main board
2. Remove eeprom of the radio board
3. Backup data of eeprom ( 95512) (just in case) :)
4. Prepare 6 thin cables, 3 cm (1.2 inch) long each
5. Solder EEPROM to the “patch”PCB
6. Apply double side adhesive tape to the patch board and paste it to the main PCB
7. Solder two cables to make the connection between points 4-4 and 8-8
8. Connect front panel and QuadLock. Deliver power to the unit JUST FOR 3 SECONDS
9. Solder remaining 4 cables.
10 . Check if all the functions work correctly.
11 . Assemble unit.
12 . Enjoy

I can do that as well for extra fee. Call me for more info

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