VW Navigation Radio Code Decode Unlock

RCD300 RCD310 RCD510 RNS510 RNS810 AUDi RNS-E and many more ….


I can read the code of the radio via programming box . I need radio for the evening, sometimes longer , for example , RNS315 take over 1 day to read the code. Price depends of the radio start from 20€



Radio Code via serial Number ! !

To get a right code to radio i need serial number .

Must start with  VWZ (Vw) AUZ (Audi), SKZ (Skoda) SEZ** (SEAT) V**(Ford)

BP or GM (Blaupunkt) , RN, VW, PH, GM, FA etc. (Grundig ) 

 at the beginning .


Some codes generated via serial number can ‘t  working on your radio ! ! ! Because somebody change genuine code already.

So , You have to be shore , nobody fix radio before.


I can unlock over 80% market radios Software problems on RNS510 can be done as well .

If u have a different radio just ask me via contact form or send PM on Viber or Whatsup.

Pleas add pic front  your radio and serial number

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